Measuring Guide

A Arm Size - Measure from crown to cuff (shoulder to wrist). It is also helpful if you can measure with the arm bent at the elbow in front of the chest and measure again shoulder to wrist.

B Chest Size - Measure around the broadest part of the chest keeping the tape up under the arms. Keep one finger between the tape and the body.

C Waist Size - For a Kilt, measure 2 inches above the hip, level with the gents navel. For trousers measure 1 inch above the hip bone. Men tend to breathe in when getting measured so ensure they are relaxed and breathing out.

D Kilt Length - Ask the man to kneel down with his back and thighs vertical. Measure from his navel to the floor.

E Height - Measure head to toe.

F Jacket/Waistcoat Length - Measure from the back of the neck to appropriate point.

G Seat - Measure seat loosely for trousers allow a size up if a man has larger thighs i.e. sportsman, bodybuilder etc.

H Outside Leg - Measure from waist to ankle or normal position man wears his trousers.

I Inside Leg - Measure crotch to ankle or normal position man wears his trousers